Bermuda Meetings

While NA meetings are held in various locations, NA is not affiliated in any way with any facility or other organization. CLOSED meetings are for addicts only and OPEN meetings open to those wanting to learn about the NA Fellowship. Non-addicts attending Open meetings are welcome to listen but only addicts may share/speak during any NA meeting. All Bermuda NA meetings are non-smoking.

At this difficult time, the Bermuda Islands Area of N.A. wishes to send a message of hope and love to our members and supporters. Even as Bermuda manages Covid-19, our recovery from the disease of addiction continues. Our regular meetings have been replaced with Zoom remote meetings. Have a look at our Zoom meetings schedule. 


B.I.A.N.A Meetings Schedule



Steps In The City (Closed)

Zoom ID: 829 9861 8367

Passcode: mixednuts

7 - 8:30pm (AST)


Journey Group (Open)

Zoom ID: 828 2056 6388

Passcode: 094411

7 - 8:30pm (AST)


Keeping It Real (Closed)

Location: Beulah Tabernacle

Scott’s Hill Road, Sandy’s

7 - 8:30pm (AST)



Unity Basic Text Study (Closed)

Zoom ID: 111 998 159

Passcode: wesley

7 - 8:30pm (AST)


New Beginnings (Open)

Location: Chapel Of Ease

The Cabin

7 - 8:30pm (AST)



Sisters Of Serenity (Closed)

Zoom ID: 773 880 439

Passcode: BERMUDA

6 - 7:30pm (AST)


Men's Faith Group (Closed)

Zoom ID: 834 4353 9108

Passcode: 882331

7 - 8:30pm (AST)



Living by the Book (Open)

Zoom ID: 836 9946 7603

Passcode: library

noon - 1:00pm (AST)


Better Late Than Never (Closed)

Zoom ID: 839 3709 0825

Passcode: 969126

7 - 8:30pm (AST)



Show Me How To Live (Open)

Zoom ID: 814 7219 0395

Passcode: 685573

7 - 8:30pm (AST) 

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