Area Documents

The Bermuda Islands Area of N.A. (B.I.A.N.A.) is the local service body made up of N.A. Group Service Representatives and Area trusted servants entrusted to support and help our Area groups and to further the important work of the N.A. Fellowship in Bermuda. Below are a few links to Bermuda Islands Area of N.A. resources (each open in new tabs).


Contact the Bermuda Islands Area of N.A. for other resources, with any questions, interest in getting involved, etc. The Bermuda Islands Area of N.A. meets the first Saturday of every month (unless otherwise announced) at 6.00pm at the Focus Counseling building location (47 Elliot Street, Hamilton) and all N.A. members are welcome and encouraged to attend. 


B.I.A.N.A. Policy (click on this title to open)

The B.I.A.N.A. policy is the primary local service resource for members of the Bermuda Islands Area of N.A. It includes useful service information used to teach and guide our service work as we strengthen, grow and carry the message of hope and freedom through application of the N.A. program.